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Book Review On Vanilla Skye

Book Review on Vanilla Skye

Recently I read a fabulous book called Vanilla Skye! I really enjoyed reading the book, and it made me not put the book down, until the end!!
The book is by Cathy Cassidy, a popular childrens author. Vanilla Skye was her second book in her ” Chocolate Box” series! The first one was called Cherry Crush, and she has written many other books, such as: Daizy Star, Driftwood, Letter to Cathy and many more…

This patircular book is about a girl named Skye, her sisters, Honey, Summer, Coco and Cherry. She finds a box of old possesions of a girl named Clara, who had apparently ran away and drowned herself because she couldn’t be with the one she loved. Skye, determined, decides to investigate futher, having mysterious dreams about a gypsy boy, the one Clara loved. Skyes twin, Summer, however thinks the whole thing is creepy, and begins to grow apart from Skye! Will Summer and Skye lose eachother, and what really happened to Clara?

Well you have to read the book to find out!

I loved all the charecters in the book, but my favourite had to be Cherry! She had just moved in with her Dad, Paddy, and i imagine her as a lovely, dreamy girl, since she loves to make up stories, and deeply listens to her new sister.

   If i had to rate this book out of 5, i would give it 5/5, because it is a wonderful, mysterious story,      with cliffhangers and draws you on…

  I recommend this book to girls 7 and above, this is deffinately the book to sit down, get comfortable  with, and read!

   By Charlotte Armoogum


Comments on: "Book Review On Vanilla Skye" (3)

  1. Please comment and tell me what you think about the book!!!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Really GREAT review Charlotte!!! ;D
    WWW: You had an extraodinary use of vocabulary!!!
    EBI: Maybe a link to a podcast or video
    Overall, I really fantastic book review 😀

  3. holly and Amelia said:

    WWW: Very detailed account of the book. You have included a pitcure and star rating. Plus we loved the part on your favourite character.
    EBI: The pitcure didn’t make the title, Marshmallow Skye instead it said Vanilla Skye. Also maybe add some extras. e.g. videos, links, interviews, e.c.t.

    We would love to read it.

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